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Thread: Hotspot/mange advice?

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    Default Hotspot/mange advice?

    Hi, I'd just like a little advice if you have a few moments.

    I was planning on heading down to Sydney on Wednesday with my 14wk puppy to stay with my mother, who has a Jack Russel Terrier. She lived in the NT until a few weeks ago, and when she came back from holidays the dog had what looked like a small semi-healed wound on the side of her rump. Over a week or two this grew to look red and raw with a darker mark where the "wound" had been, and the hair fell out, at some stage there was pus. The dog licked at bit at it a lot. We took the cats to a vet on an unrelated thing and while there just got someone to have a quick look at the dog and they said it was a hot spot but it should be fine.

    Its been about a month or so now and I was just speaking to my mother on the phone and apparently the spot on the left side is healing and hair is growing back but a new one has popped up on the right side, and while she was looking at the dog she thought she may have saw some kind of insect (her eyesight is a little dodgy) and is worried it could be mites. I have been looking it up online and have seen that some people say that mange and hot spots can seem similar and hard to tell apart. Now I am somewhat worried that her dog has mange and will give it to my poor little puppy.

    Does this sound like a hot spot or mange? I told her to take it to the vet but she is going to go on a medical wash thing and do all this other stuff which is all very well for her but if her dog has contagious mange I do not want my puppy around it. Is there anyway I can tell or something? Are these symptoms of mange? The dog has been around some other dogs a fair few times, and they haven't come down with something similar, nor have the cats she lives with. I'm just really worried.

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    Some people say mange is caught from other dogs, however I think it depends on what mange. Demo Mange is caused by the lowering of the dogs immune system and young dogs up to about 14 months or so are more likely to be affected.

    The other mange, which can be caught from foxes etc does spread and I'd stay well clear if it's that.

    It's highly unlikely that you'd be able to see either mite without the aid of a microscope. Is your mother sure it's not fleas? And the dog is allergic to fleas and biting itself raw?

    Either mange requires a particular wash and sarcoptic manage (sorry not sure of spelling) can also be treated with one of the topical spot on flea/lice/heartworm treatments, not Frontline or Advantix it's one of the others, sorry mind a blank at the moment but I'm sure someone on here will probably be using it for heartworm/intestinals worms. But still needs the washes obtainable from the vet.

    It has however been very humid in Sydney, great hot spot weather. Only a skin scraping done by a vet and put under the microscope could determine for sure if it's mange if you are not familar with what it looks like.

    If the hair is thinning in various spots, then I'd say mange, if it's a weepy sore then I'd say it's likely a hot spot. But without seeing the dog it's really impossible to say for sure.

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    I would say it is a hot spot. Well several hot spots. The weather is perfect for it. I use betadine when my older dog gets them (the younger doesn't) and that clears them up very quickly.

    Your Mum wouldn't be able to see a mite, they are microscopic, I would say that was a flea. The only way for your Mum to really find out if it is definitely mange would be for the vet to do a skin scraping and check under the microscope. But again I doubt that.

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