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Thread: WHat Do You Guys Feed Your Dogs ?

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    I think it just comes down to what you can afford and how your indivdual dog reacts. We bought Oskar a huge 15kg bag of Advance for about 90 bucks, and I think he woulda been more interested in eating gravel, plus he farted like a bush horse, lethal ones at that. Sometimes if we are not doing so good financially, he gets mince and rice, but now he is on Science Diet and he loves it, with no brutal side effects lol.

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    Money and time/convenience. I don't have a butcher nearby, so I have to drive over to the markets to get fresh meat. I rarely even get there to buy meat and veg for us, so I am unlikely to do it just for the dog. And Woolies meat sucks. I could try to buy bulk and freeze, but I am just such a disorganised person. Compared to buying a roll or tin at the local IGA when we pass there on our walk, it's a fair bit of extra effort and planning for me. One day I might manage and I will feel good about it.

    In the meantime, I'm still trying to find the time to go buy some cheap meat and make gruel for the dog, which will be cheaper and hopefully healthier than her usual grub and will freeze well. I am secretly hoping it will make her fart less too.

    I may not be a vet but I can tell my dog looks healthy. She may be even healthier on a different diet, but wouldn't we all. I do avoid artificial additives as I believe they are pretty evil and are likely to cause long-term side effects.

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