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Thread: WHat Do You Guys Feed Your Dogs ?

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    Your vet sounds too scary..Horses do get colic, which can be the same as bloat in dogs, including the twisting of the intestine or sometimes rotation of stomach. That is why a lot of vets tack the stomach when they desex female dogs in large breeds......Any large breed with a big chest is at risk, but it has been known to happen in little dogs.

    I am happy to send you some PDF's on it, but you would have to pm me your won't show on here, unless you are better at it LOL and can do it. I have a huge computer library of PDF files on all sort of dog related stuff, especially for giants/newfies and behaviour. Because I have done several different courses on dog related stuff

    I do have a bloat chart, which i think comes from the great Dane world, but is kept on the fridge of a lot of newfie people I know world-wide. us newfie people have a great forum that is very sharing in a lot of giant issues. I have been on there since 2003........And yes I do have a life off the computer

    See what this PDF converted to a Jpeg bloat chart looks like I am happy to email this as a pdf plus the other info to anyone interested........Anxiety is actually one of the main causes. So far i have been blessed and not had any full blown bloat incident, but i also know some acupressure points that can help in early bloat...i have a link to that..........

    bloat chart jpeg saved.jpg
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    I work in the pet industry at one of the big retail chains...and I see the results of bad nutrition every day! Itching, dull coats, sloppy poop, hyperactivity--the list goes on. Not so shocking when you consider what's actually in most of the commercial foods.

    My dogs get human grade mince only. No ands, ifs or buts. Most of the pet mince around here is full of preservatives and things that I would personally never put in my body, so why should my dogs eat it? I am finicky about my dogs being given treats or eating something that I haven't scrutinized.

    I feed 95% raw. Occasionally they get some Nutro, but in a tiny amount and only as something to break up their usual routine. I feed:

    Turkey mince
    Kangaroo mince
    Roo tails
    Sheep necks
    Chicken mince
    Chicken wings
    Chicken necks
    Raw or cooked eggs
    etc etc.

    I tried liver and some of the more gross looking things from the butcher, but my dogs weren't all that interested, even the garbage guts! I just stick to what I know they like and change it up. But they all look great and that's all I care about. (And they have fantastic poo, as weird as that sounds...)

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    My dogs diet has varied many times over the years.

    Vet foods, raw diets, home cooked diets.

    Currently they are absolutely thriving on a cheap super market tinned food and cheap pedigree biscuits. They have been doing that for abotu the last year now and they are both healthy and happy. They also get some scraps and eggs and fish every now and again.

    Last time Barney went to the vet, th evet raved about his health, how beautiful and shiny his coat was, how good his muscles were and what excellent teeth he had for his age.

    I dont really care whether other ppl think cheap nasty supie food is good for work in our house.

    I used to cook my own but I dont have time anymore. And they occasionally still get some raw stuff...but I went to supermarket food for some reason which is now forgotten (probably convenience at the time) and it has stuck for a while.

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    I Feed mine Raw bones, Raw meats etc.

    I do give her a good quality dry food with it occasionally if she has been working all day.
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    My dogs are on about 50% raw and 50% dry. They have Candidae biscuits available pretty much all the time (but they are both very lean). For breakfast I mix in some raw diced turkey, lamb, beef or roo (lots of variety), then they have their bones, some chicken wings (or a whole chicken, depends on the specials at Coles lol) and some marrow bones. They have sardines added to the dry twice a week, and an egg twice a week. They both point blank refuse to eat vegetables, even if I mince it in with the meat - they like chew the meat and spit the veggies out and so hence the dry component. I also feed them organs once or twice a week. Quite expensive, since I don't buy anything in bulk but I get a lot of compliments on how healthy they are and they certainly have plenty of energy. Perfect teeth too If I had more time, I would try and buy bulk and make up some of the mixes people have described and eliminate the dry altogether - they much prefer raw food.

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    Currently they are absolutely thriving on a cheap super market tinned food and cheap pedigree biscuits.
    But you're ok with feeding them food like that after reading the ingredients? Despite the supposed short term benefits?

    As for veterinarians opinions, I have really pulled back from trusting them. I visited a client with two Standard Poodles one day, both about 7/8 years old and she told me how the vet said they were in glowing health on Supercoat. Well, their coats were dry, their teeth were stained and they had NO muscle. You could feel their bones but the thin layer of fat from the rubbish in the food was the only thing preventing them looking like skeletons. The owner also complained they slept a lot during the day ... I told the owner to run her hands down the dogs shoulders and hips and they were mortified. Anatomy 101 people - if you can feel the shoulder blade itself your dog is NOT receiving enough protein.

    I have never seen a shiny, soft coated and perfectly muscled dog on cheap food. It's not possible. But we see what we want to see especially when someone we pay agrees with us, despite the fact we might have that niggling feeling it's wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekhbet View Post
    I have never seen a shiny, soft coated and perfectly muscled dog on cheap food. It's not possible. But we see what we want to see especially when someone we pay agrees with us, despite the fact we might have that niggling feeling it's wrong.
    Before we had Bella Harley was fed supermarket food and he was in great condition, beautiful shiny coat and a good build. I never had any problems with using it except for the cost and how much you actually had to feed them to get the same benefit as a $120.00 bag of biscuits.

    Again, what ever works for you... so long as the dog is fed, happy and healthy who cares.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekhbet View Post
    But we see what we want to see
    And that counts for you too then?

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    My old dog Scooby lived to 14 years old on cheap homebrand dry dog food and supermarket dog rolls. Thats a fair innings for a dog who was fed crap food. He had no health issues at all and was a fine example of a Ridgeback.

    The reason why i have gone for the top stuff for my new dog is because the breed can suffer bone and other issues which i want to avoid.

    I have used crap vets and good vets, just like i've used crap doctors and good doctors. Dosnt mean they are all bad. I had one who saved my dogs life from parvo. I'd like to see a trainer, breeder or behaviorist do that !

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    When I still have my GSPs - i fed them the following

    1. Raw meat (Chicken mince, Dice beef/lamb/roo)
    2. Meat log "Julius brand from Aldi"

    Then I mix them with Rice + Aldo veg mix

    3. Julius dried food mix with some vitamins + milk or egg
    4. for treats chicken neck or osso bocco or pork ribs

    I have a mate who owns a butchery both in cabrammatta and in ingleburn where I can buy meats very cheap.
    The best buy I get is $1.50 per KG pork ribs

    When we get our new family member - I will stick to above

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