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    That does sound like an awful lot of food to me... But the Pug person on here is Anne.

    Two handfuls of mince?? My Greyhounds have that much! With their kibble as well of course, but it's enough to add weight to poor ones that we get into care.

    If he's gaining weight at all the first thing to go should be the leftovers - especially pasta! We use these for putting weight onto skinny dogs. They are real diet blowers!

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    Sounds like way too much food for one little Pug. A healthy Pug should weigh between 6 to 8 kg. Bulldogs should weigh between 40 to 50 kg. So if you are feeding your Pug half what you fed your Bulldog your Puggie must be a real little porker.

    Pugs and food go together. They are the greediest breed anywhere. If a Pug fails to eat it's dinner or misses a crumb on the floor it's time to call the Vet. Unfortunately a fat Pug won't live very long. I think it might be time for Mr Pugglet to go on a diet.

    You don't have to starve him. Cut out the pasta, kibble, cookies etc and feed him meat and vegies instead.

    I always fed my Puggies twice a day. A chicken wing or a neck or two for breakfast and meat and vegies at night. This diet and plenty of exercise kept them in show conditon even after desexing. My Puggies usually lived to around age 16.

    Best of luck with your Pug. They are great little dogs.

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    Weight is difficult to judge on any Pug. The ideal Pug, and one that meets the standards for showing, should weigh between between 6 to 8 kilos as Anne said above (two Annes and both Pug lovers and owners )

    In having said that, the 50 or so rescue Pugs that have come through my home in the 4 years have ranged between 5 kilos and 14.5 kilos. So, what is average?

    There really isn't a desirable weight for a Pug. Weight should relate to height and body type. A small Pug could be overweight at 8 kilos and a large Pug may not be overweight at 10 kilos.

    Unless you are actively showing your Pug then I suggest you do the weight and chest test.

    Look at your Pug from the front - is he noticeably bigger around the chest then his hips?

    Look at your Pug from above - does he come in at the waist?

    If he is bigger in the chest than his waist and/or he does not come in at the waist when viewed from above, chances are he is too fat.

    Slim Pugs cost less in Veterinary expenses and live longer and happier lives than fat Pugs.

    Scrap the cookies. Scrap the choc drops. Scrap the 'roo sticks' (whatever they are). Scrap the left overs UNLESS they are veges without cheese or sauces and salt.

    You are feeding your dogs based on your expectations of the food you eat. Dogs don't need snacks, cookies or lovely dinners with sauces.

    Veges are cheap, easy to prepare and good for your dog providing the main portion of the diet is meat and bone based.

    Mashed plain boiled pumpkin is a great filler to add to his diet if you are worried about him being hungry. You can even make pumpkin (or potato, sweet potato) kibble yourself for snacks. Cut them up, add nothing but an oven tray, and throw them in a low set oven to dry out.
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    He sounds very 'studly' As a show dog, he sounds like he would be suitable as they are described as 'square and cobby'. In my experience, pets should be kept on the lean side.

    If he is anything like every Pug I have ever met, it will be a continual struggle to keep his weight down. They don't eat, they hoover!

    Good luck.
    A pessimist sees the glass as half empty;
    An optimist sees the glass as half full;
    A realist just finishes the damn thing and refills it.

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