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Thread: Can Dogs Lose Their Sense of Smell?

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    Hi all, i'm new here and thank goodness I found this site. Wow what a few rough weeks i've had. My gorgeous baby girl (staffy, 9yrs old) went to the vet for some treatment for some allergies. My vet found a lump under my dogs neck, did a fine needle aspirate exam, came back with some nasty cells present. Vet wanted to operate the next day. I was put in a spin, but agreed. My vet told me she was pretty sure the lump was a "Mast Cell Tumour". I picked up my precious baby the day after her operation and I basically wasn't prepared to see her like she was....she resembled a bandaged bear! She was very sore. Long story short, after a gruelling wait (nearly 10days) the results came back from the pathologists as a grade II tumour. The operation was a success. My thing is, my dog just isn't the same. She is no longer vocal (the typical "trying" to talk, like staffies do), seems to be very timid and scared, doesn't want to play and i've also noticed her sneezing and sniffling alot and trying to clear her nose. I did my own little test last night, hid a sausage in her bed under her blanket, and she couldn't sniff it out...didn't even know it was there. I had meat smell on my hands, put my hands in front of her, and she still couldn't smell it nor want to lick my hands. This is really unlike her. It's like she's lost her sense of smell. Can this happen? There is some watery discharge coming from her nose, but not a great deal. She's still on antibiotics, antihistamines and some antibiotic cream for some raw bits of skin after the op....

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    You have both certianly been througha rough time. I am glad they caught it in time and were able to surgically remove it.

    Have you discussed her behaviour with your Vet? Is she eating? If she is still eating then possibly it is related to her sense of smell, although it could also be an infection somewhere related to the surgery, perhaps around the nasal area or throat??
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    Hi Anne

    Yes I just called my vet and discussed it with her. She wants me to continue with the meds, and she'll give me a call in a week to find out how she's doing, and we'll go from there.

    My girl is still eating, but not looking for food like she normally does, such as hoovering the floor in search for scraps....gross! nor is she waiting patiently when i'm eating, for the odd bit. If anything she's sleeping lots and drinking heaps. It's funny how you know your dog and all their traits.....I just know my dog is not the same...unfortunately Thank you for your reply...

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    You poor thing! So sad when our babies are sick...Chin up! ok.
    My suggestion is; give it time. Your girl has been through alot. She's not feeling her best and probably still tired. We're not ourselves either when we're sick.
    Staffies can fret too. I have a 5 year old Staffy girl, and she gets really upset after going to the vet. She had to go in for x-rays once and didn't talk to me for 2
    Hope your girl's herself real soon.
    Best wishes!

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    They can loose their smell due to meds & or op recovery. I agree..give her another week..she still probably isn't feeling well..see how she goes and keep the vet notified

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