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Thread: Small scabs under fur

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    Default Small scabs under fur


    I just wanted to tell you that what you have described is exactly the same thing that I am concerned with as well. I also have a golden retriever, hes almost 2years old and this has been going on for about two months now and I'm getting a little worried as these scabs seem so different because they are spread out a little here and there and he has about 5 so far. They don't heal well so I also cut his hair around the scab to help it.
    Have you heard any new about what it might be?

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    Hi Hudsen's Mama, I bet he's a beautiful boy. My boy is 5 years old now and I haven't had any trouble for a while. I never did work out what it was. Some say food allergy but diet change did not work for me. I just kept the area around the little scabs clear of hair and they healed but they are slow. I can tell you not to worry about the hair growing back over that little spot - it will. I have also been told by a vet it can be flea allergy and one flea is enough to do it. It is a reaction after the bite, so even if the flea dies shortly after cause of flea protection, you will get a few spots. Have you had any trouble with hot spots? My boy is prone to them and I have learnt to act quickly.

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    My red heelr x pup had scabs on his back at the base of his neck. We took him to the vet as soon as we found them, we thought it was his spot on flea treatment. The vet also thought this and prescribed a steroid, antibiotic cream for him. Now we have him on comfortis and will change him over to spectrum when we have used up the comfortis.

    Could the scabs you have found also be from his flea prevention?

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    Some dogs (especially some collies) are allergic to ivermectin and it is the active ingredient used in some spot ons and heart worm treatments.

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    Don';t feed dog roll if your dog has allergies as they cannot give you a proper analysis of the ingredients - and most of them are junk food cooked together.

    Vets All Natural make a roll that is set in a water bath, it's basically the mix with meat and it's not cooked to death.

    Allergy dogs need a bare bones diet. One allergy causing food a month can create a roll on problem that lasts days to weeks. If your dog suffers hot spots cut the diet right back to foods that are as additive and 'random ingredient' free as possible.

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