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    my boarder collie has just started getting a watery eye and has some mucus early in the mornings this is only effecting one eye how can i treat it?

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    Harley had something called Distichiasis in one of his eyes when he was younger. It's where the eyelashes/eyelid grow inwards and the lashes rub on his eye resulting in watery eyes, redness and discharge. He ended up needing surgery on it to get it corrected. It's worth going to the vet and getting them to have a look in my opinion!

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    could be something like a grass seed lodged in the eye too.

    You can wipe it with a tissue dipped in warm slightly salty water, make sure you don't double dip though - ie only wipe with clean (salty) tissue. Don't reuse the dirty tissue.

    Definitely have a chat to the vet about it.

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