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Thread: Peeing During Sleep... Should I Be Worried?

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    my boy groodle has peed in his sleep a few times in the last 4 years (his whole life). He is dreaming and then he just does a little pee and doesn't wake up. It has only happened a few times and i think of it like i would if a child wet the bed. It is only once in a while and when he is fast asleep. But if yours has just started doing it, check it out just to put your mind at ease.

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    I agree, it's just normal but it depends. If it won't stop for long time then you should consider having a vet check.
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    I have a bitch that was incontinent at 3 months old long before she was spayed. She is now 4 yo and has been on propalin all her life which controls the problem totally.

    I also had a bitch that was incontinent off an on before I spayed her at 6 months old. The incontinence came and went after she was spayed and I would occassionally give her medication and it would go away for years at a time but was never really a problem. She is now 11 and it became more common so she is also now on propalin.

    It is a good thing first of to test for a UTI and go from there.

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