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Thread: Weird Sitting Position

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    Haha ok! I don't need to worry now... Now to convince the rest of my family it's normal!

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    I have no idea. Looked at the photos and like I said before if he's exercising fine and jumping etc, then don't worry.
    I think rolling onto one side of their hip is normal, its a relaxed pose.
    My dog never sits like that, however, she's usually very straight. I've read that sitting isn't normal for dogs anyway and dogs in the wild don't usually sit at all, or not for very long. Funny how 'sit' is the first thing we want to teach our dogs they must think we're weird.

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    My old sighthound never sat out of choice. And did it only very reluctantly when asked. I tried to avoid making her do it as I read that it is an extra unnatural pose for sighthounds and probably any long-legged dog.

    My current bitsa doesn't seem to mind sitting, though usually shifts her weight onto one thigh. And will soon slide into a down if I let her.

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