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    i have tried a few things 2 try and get rid of these buggers i have tried frontline plus and i have also tried adventix with no result i am still pulling them of my dogs i have been told the tick collors work but just wanted some advice before buying a new product again i am very lucky they are only the bush tick and not the paralysis tick which i am scared they may still get i check everyday and just cant get ontop of the problem they have been given clean bedding and i have scrabbed there kennels daliy with a strong disofectent and maloban wash which still dont help so what is the best treatment u guys think 2 get rid of the ticks once and for all ... i am a greyhound racer and breeder and i have never had a problem with ticks until now ... they are flee free but just now need 2 get them tick free aswell
    thx in advance for any help that can be given

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    Hi the only tick treatment I do is a permoxin rinse, and also permoxin in a little spray bottle to spray soak her coat. Apart from that a brush and check over the body. Not sure about how to get rid of ticks once and for all around the kennel but keep the grass short etc.

    Ticks perch on top of long grass with there front legs waving about waiting for animals to brush over them then latch on.
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    I use the preventic collars and they have worked great. I've only ever found one tick walking up Harley's back. Most pet supply shops like city farmers have them on sale at the moment too because it's tick season, so they cost around $12.00 and it lasts for 2 months.

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    thx heaps for the tips i am in huter valley nsw and i have heard its starting 2 get bad in this area for ticks now but i will try the things u have said thx again

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    Bumping this thread up..

    I may be going to Nelson Bay NSW in a few weeks for a day or two, and I have no one to look after my boy (staffy) so he will be coming with me. I am VERY worried about paralysis ticks. I don't live in a tick area so I only apply advantix to him once a month for fleas and mosquitoes (mosquitoes seem to love him!). I am aware it's fortnightly for paralysis ticks.

    Can anyone tell me if it's really bad up there with ticks? And, as discussed above, what do others recommend as a tick treatment/preventative?


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