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    Default Serious Flea Problem

    We moved into this house in south Brisbane in winter 2009. It was previously used as a rental and the tenants had no regard for the place. They had several small dogs and more cats than I could count when we came to inspect the place and it stank. Upon moving out they got the place sprayed for fleas as per their bond agreement so we pulled the manky carpet out and had no problems moving straight in with our young staffy.

    Then summer came and hoooly hell. The fleas were outrageous. We had a total infestation and it took three visits from the flick man to get them under control! Our poor pup went from sleeping in the house to a backyard kennel in a hurry.

    Summer is on its way obviously, and it is already warm and humid in Brisbane. I went to wash my dogs today and was shocked to see my girl is so inundated with fleas that the soap was frothing red with blood. We use a natural teatree dog shampoo on the dogs roughly once a week as well as capstar tablets every so often and flea treatments from woolies that should last for three months ever two months. We treat our yard and the kennels with lime and teatree as well. As far as cost goes I don't know what more I can do. Does anyone have any suggestions? The flick man told us it might be the area and we might never get it under control.

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    Yeah from my experience you need to get them in the ground or they will never be gone. We use to use lime when I was little.

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    What the others said.

    Shannon Lush also recommends spraying bedding with mint tea. I think she meant you buy a mint teabag and make tea and put that in a misting bottle and spray stuff. But I think you can use a handful of mint out of the garden and pour boiling water over that and put the cooled solution in a bottle to spray.

    She says ordinary black tea - will kill dust mites too.

    I do know that the lavender oil spray - isn't very good at repelling mozzies - or it doesn't last very long or both. I got bitten even though I was covered in it (spray: 1 teaspoon of lavendar oil per litre of water).

    It's a thought. I think if I had the problem - I'd be getting the malaseb too.

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    I also would recommend switching to Frontline and Advantage too. I switch between the two because I believe the fleas get immune if you use one product always. And I haven't found it infallible, but it does have an effect. You would still have to treat the house though.

    I can sympathise too. My house is bad for fleas. I believe it is because of the sandy area under the house that my old dog used to spend lots of time in. She needed that safe spot for a number of reasons, but now I have a dog who seems less scared of thunderstorms and the likes, I am finally blocking the area off.

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