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    Was considering changing from Eukanuba to Royal Canin kibble so i did a few google searches about Eukanuba/Iams and was a bit shocked at what i found.

    PETA TV:Iams: A Recipe for Cruelty

    Not to sure what to make of the PETA stuff as they are renowned for spinning total Bull$h!t but i thought i'd throw it out there and let you guys make of it what you will. For me, well i'm not going to support it so i'm off to the store to buy some Royal Canin today after reading and hearing some very good feedback from customers and vets who use it.

    Another good, interesting site was this one for anyone sussing out dry dog food.
    Dog Food Reviews, Ratings and Comparisons

    I dont have the time, patience, knowledge for a BARF, RAW type diet so it's not for me. I'm planning on just using a good quality giant breed kibble with a little human grade beef or chicken mince for each meal plus bones here and there. Tinned food wont even be considered.
    Its all a little confusing but i think i'm on the right track. And while there has been a lot of discussion on food before i would appreciate any feedback from you guys, either about the cruelty side of things or the diet and dry food i'm thinking of using.

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    I would say royal canin is a much better choice than eukanuba. We used to feed buckley eukanuba but he was doing awfully on it. He had an itchy red belly and diarrhea quite frequently. We switched him over to eagle pack but the price was a bit much on the pockets. I now feed black hawk holistic kibble. Can't buy it in any stores but i get mine from a breeder down the road. The price and quality is fantastic! It's distributed Australia wide though, so take a look on google if you're interested.

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    As far as I know these are the best available dry foods on the market...

    Dog's Dry Food Bowhouse - Australia's Award-Winning Store for All Your Dog and Cat Needs

    Personally I'd rather have made in Australia even if it's a factory owned by a big USA corporate food conglomerate like Mars - yes they make more than chocolate bars.

    So I get Nutro Natural Choice. It's probably made in the same factory as Advance but they say it has better quality ingredients and it doesn't give my dog the runs like Advance did. I suspect she'd be fine on Supercoat tho. Like a teenager likes maccas.

    Anyway - I won't buy from a shop that also sells puppies and kittens. So that rules out Innova and Evo. And to me Royal Canin and Eukanuba seem like marketing scams - along with Hills Science Diet. And I don't want to buy anything owned by Nestles. So there goes Supercoat. And milo. And uncle tobies oats. And also explains the outrageous price of uncle tobies oats.

    I also make a casserole for my dog. Instead of tinned food. Because the ingredient list on tinned food freaks me out.

    These two sites are american too but they do give you a clue on how to read the ingredient list here. Note for products like Nutro and Advance that are also made in USA, the ingredients are slightly different. Especially the fillers/fibre. They substitute whatever is more available in the country of manufacture.
    The Dog Food Project - How does your Dog Food Brand compare?
    Dog Food Analysis - Reviews of kibble

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