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Thread: My Baby Isn't Well :(

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    Awsome. For some reason i didnt want to comment about this till you got those results back. I felt i might jinx you if i said i'm glad she's getting better to early. But now you have the all clear, well THATS BLOODY FANTASTIC !!!.

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    Thanks I'm very happy and the vet is confident it shouldn't grow back if she's cleared of all infection. We're going to get another blood test after she's finished the antibiotics to make sure everything is ok. The vet is amazed at how quickly she has bounced back and now that her body will be free from infection, she'll finally be able to put some weight on. I don't blame the previous vet at all. Things happen and like newfs said, some dogs are more susceptible to infections. I just always had a gut feeling something wasn't quite right with Abbie and it sucks it took so long for her to show obvious symptoms of pain. Not the best start to her life. She's got a lot of catching up to do now

    Hya, funny you mention about the swabs. That's what the vet was hoping to find in the abscess. My partners sisters dog had a similar type of abscess that was caused by a vet leaving swabs in her body. It caused her to become very very unwell for quite some time.

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