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Thread: Dogs 'cracking Bones'

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    Default Dogs 'cracking Bones'

    Today there were two instances where Milo's right leg joints (don't know which one) made a crack sound, the same sound when you 'crack your knuckles'. From my understanding, when you 'crack your bones' it's just getting rid of bubbles in the synovial fluid between the joints. I may be wrong on this.

    It happened once when I was pressed onto Milo's right chest area while wiping him with a towel after a bath, and the other time was when he rammed into my leg. He didn't seem in pain. No yelping, no limping. It was like he didn't know it happened, but I sure heard it!

    Is this an indication of bone joint problems? Or is it normal, like it is for humans?

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    I have heard some cracking very occasionally in some of my dogs past and present. I hate it...being a giant owner i always think worse case scenario, but so far nothing has happened and they are or were all sound
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    I don't think the popping gas noise is of any concern. As with anything, it's best not to over do it ie deliberately cracking knuckles all day will probably damage them through basic wear and tear but otherwise - as far as I know - nothing to be concerned about.

    Plenty of other things to worry about.

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