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Thread: Sick Dog, Now What?

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    Default Sick Dog, Now What?

    I have a 13 year old Miniature poodle (not the one in the photo, that's our new baby).

    A few weeks ago he started doing this wierd mild choking thing then it seemed to get worse and now he stands with his head pushed forward sucking in rapidly though his nose (snorting).

    Vet did tests and an Op to have a look around. No diabetes, heart is fine, no blockage anywhere in throat or sinus.

    His lungs did look cloudy but neither vets at the practice could decide what it was and agreed on pneumonia in the end plus he had a raging ear infection both ears.

    He is now on medication, steriods and anitbiotics and ear drops. And has been taking them all since his Op last Thursday.

    I don't see much difference, a tad happier but still pushing his head foreward, standing funny and trying to suck air through his nose.

    Vet bills are killing me... has anyone seen this before please?

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    Default Sick Dog, Now What?

    Hello Julie,
    I can not help you with the diagnosis and wonder if the medication has now made any difference, besides him being happier?
    Did you get some blood tests done?
    I suppose his lungs are clear?
    Hope to hear of a positive progress and test results of your little fellow.


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    Default Lungs

    Hi Bugsy,

    The vet said when she saw the lung xrays she couldn't figure it out so called in another vet. They both decided on pneumonia because the lungs were cloudy or looked like there were legions in the lungs (no idea what that means).

    But they did some test where they put fluid in the lungs and draw it back out and the fluid was crystal clear.

    But nah his original symptom of standing funny and doing this sucking in air through his nose is still the same. I'm thinking the ear infection is probably on the mend and has cheered him up but whatever else is going on with his lungs hasn't changed.

    I was thinking that since he has been on steriods and antibiotics for over five days I was expecting a major improvment.

    They (vets) did ask if he had been near sheep as they were talking maybe "lung worm" but no, city dog and at 13 he is always home.

    Weird aye. Thanks for your good wishes Bugsy. Don't suppose there is a vet that logs in occasionally?


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    I am no expert but had a dog with a similar snorting/breathing thing. While trying to look into his nose I pushed the nose part back a bit and the snorting stopped momentarily. I found that by gently lifting and pushing the moveable part of the nose back and holding it there for a few seconds stopped the snorting/laboured breathing.

    It came back but this stopped it for a while and the dog would come to me and push his nose into my hand. He was also an older dog and not in the best health generally. I had vet investigations but never had a clear diagnosis.

    As I said I am no expert so just relate my experience. I hope your dog is well soon.


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