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Thread: Hip Dysplasia

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    We are following the lines of what Newfie has directed us in.
    It is so vaild and I have read the info about it and it has given us hope.
    But for now we are gunna keep him as quite as a 18 week old pup can be.
    But even today without his normal day inside he is moving a little better.
    As that pain killer we were told to give him made him run around stupid the crap from both ends and he slept a fair bit today.
    So we are so hoping it is this.
    But the signs are looking better for us with this new info.

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    So sorry for you both and little Murphy.
    Sending love and hugs from Queensland.
    Newfies advice is good I would second that absolutely.

    According to my vet, Snoop is at risk of this disorder also as he is a big raw boned puppy. He turned 5 months today and is just huge already.
    He is on raw food diet and She said he should have extra calcium as well - broccoli & yogurt.
    I have been feeding him sardines also (people at puppy school told me about them). The sardines have made his coat so soft and shiny. Omega3?

    I hope Murphy is feeling better soon.
    There is a homeopathic painkiller called "traumeel" that is very mild - in my experience. You could google it for more information.

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    Today Murphy is looking and feeling way better I think the rest is doing he more good than he knows.
    But it is hard but I am so thankful for the replies to this thread and it has made both me and the boss so happy that there could be a nice light at the end of this tunnel.
    I think it is not the hip displaysia at all I now think it is that other thing.
    And we are in the beginniings to work on that one with all we need to get.
    I thonk everyone for your support and I thank this site for being here.

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