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Thread: Dealing with the Smell...

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    Default Dealing with the Smell...

    Raw feeders, how do you deal with the smell that comes out the other end?

    I have started Cyrus on his weight gain diet which consists of dry food for breakfast and a mix of beef and mutton for dinner. since we started on the raw he can clear the room in 10 seconds flat.

    any tips or advice apart from invest in some pegs?

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    I feed RAW only.....My dogs do not have "the smell" at all. Maybe it is due to the mix, not sure
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    I am feeding raw in the morning, mixed with veges n stuff and a dry at night.
    Luckily, no bad smells here
    Oh, unless of course they get more Roo than norm.,
    then! yep that will do it with my guys.
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    Yeah I have to agree I feed raw only and don't have any excessive bad smells....

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    Often during the change over stage you get the "clear the room" smells. Three months down the track mine have settled. I feed a combination of dry days and wet days about a 40/60 mix. Though lamb can still have that affect on Kelsey.

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    i find mine sometimes farts, and sometimes doesnt...... havent worked out what in his diet is doing it yet though..... i think he may have had an upset stomach the other day after i noticed some fruit missing.....hmmmmmmm
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    Both of mine can rip a good clear the room fluff. I heard charcoal biscuits/substitute helps it though, I haven't tested it out yet to see if it makes a difference.

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    I have cans of Pal here for the only use it in extreme emergency thing.

    You should smell THOSE farts....ewwwwwwwwwww.

    Mine fart on the odd occasion and they can be rank.
    On a par with hubby.

    I of course never do botty burps.

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    I of course never do botty burps.
    Like all real ladies of course.

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    So it's just a case of 'wait it out' until his stomach adjusts... great.

    We have 4 weeks until our Royal show so I'm trying to beef him up before then. Weigh in is this Friday so I will find out if the smell if worth it, or if we are just going back to plain dry.
    The lady at the pet met store suggested the beef and mutton mix to me, he was on human grade beef but I could not find one with a high enough fat content to do any good. This one is a mix of about 70% beef 30% mutton flap.

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