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Thread: Dealing with the Smell...

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    I don't want to feed mine lamb in case she gets the wrong idea when we visit the farm.

    I described the casserole this morning to some of the other dog walkers and two of them said "I'd eat that"... I suppose I could eat it but it is a bit bland without any garlic or herbs and spices. Would need a lot of tomato sauce to make tasty.

    My dog's farts only smell bad if she's eaten contraband at the oval. Generally she doesn't fart much and always seems very surprised. My farts on the other hand - I think I've just about had to quit eating onion. Oh the pong...

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    I feed mostly raw and rarely get farts...Except for an unforgettable occassion a few months ago when I managed to drop an entire bowl of eggs on the floor - the crew hoed in and cleaned up the mess, shells and all - oooooooooh! but the farts later were toxic! Talk about your weapons of mass destruction -peeeee-eugh!

    The secret to feeding chook necks to a gulper is get a nice heavy meat cleaver and chop them into three or four pieces - they still gulp, but can't choke on them.
    You chop the chook necks, not the gulper (I have a smart alec at my shoulder.)

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