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    This article, which I have just recieved is along the lines of what I have often argued about here. Is Your Raw Pet Food Nutritionally Balanced?

    I won't copy and paste the article as it is too long but here is a short quote;

    As regular readers here know, not only do I promote species-appropriate diets for dogs and cats, I'm also all about making sure your pet's diet is balanced. In fact, an unbalanced raw diet of high quality fresh meat is in my professional opinion a greater risk to your dog or cat than feeding a cheap processed pet food.
    I recommend though that people join the email list for these newsletters as there are always very interesting vidoes and articles to see and read.
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    That is why I feed a dry and supplement with bones, sardines etc. I don't feel I could offer a well balanced raw diet with all the correct vitamins, minerals they need.

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    "How to Achieve Balance in a Homemade Pet Diet

    If you're feeding your dog or cat a homemade diet raw or cooked, large or small prey based (or a combination), locally or factory farmed, I recommend you add certain selected foods and supplements for optimal nutritional balance.

    For example, to mimic the gut contents of prey animals, I recommend adding a mixture of pureed vegetables and probiotics to your dog's or cat's meals. This mixture provides highly beneficial antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and phytonutrients not found in muscle meats.

    In the pet food cookbook I co-wrote with Beth Taylor, Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats, we discuss the four main categories of balanced nutrition for pets. These are:

    Meat, including organs
    Veggie and fruit puree
    Homemade vitamin and mineral mix
    Beneficial additions such as probiotics, enzymes, super green foods that aren’t required to balance the diet, but can enhance the vitality of your pet
    Our recipes for dogs are based on 75 percent meat/organs/bone and 25 percent vegetables/fruits. For cats it's 88 percent meat/organs/bone and 12 percent veggies. We've found these ratios work well for most healthy pets."

    This bit says it all........It all depends on what you are used to. My main issue is my dog's ( Annabelle) severe allergy to any (any at all) preservatives. You cannot buy many dogs without preservatives, though now I am trialling Black hawk. because it would be easier if I have a Dog food I could travel with. RAW and home cooked are very difficult to travel with. And with all our Dog trials, Seminars, Training classes and Dog Shows, I would love an easier solution.

    I have been feeding and dealing with the RAW diet for over thirty years now, long before it was trendy. And it works, my dogs are healthy and fit. And my giants from pup have had no growth issues or problems like Pano.
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