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Thread: Hip Dysplasia

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    Love hearing the updates! Sounds like everything is going to plan. It'll be a long few weeks, but keep thinking of that image of him running around on the beach while you sip your champagne.

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    Jasper is lucky to have found such great people to look after him and give him the best life he can ! i'm glad to hear it was a success and hope the next 6 weeks go quickly for you all. that's so great so hear that there is such a high percentage of it all working out !!

    i met a lady not long ago who tragically had to put down her 4 month of goldie as both hips were is such a state that the vets offered her to do a total hip replacement in both (6K each) and not guarantee anything ... she said both parents had low scores and out of 8 pups he was the only one with that ! another was mild but not so bad.

    it's scary and sad that even with both parents being cleared nothing is certain... and who knows what they are doing when you are not watching them 24/7 if they have a fall or something ...

    *tough wood* yogi is trooping along just fine ! and we're wishing jasper a speedy recovery !!!

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