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Thread: Eye Absess

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    its been a while since ive posted about this so i thaught id update on tessy.

    she had the flap taken down on thurs the eye has not healed but does look better.

    im now up to putting drops of plasma and antibiotic drops in her eye several times a day and having a check up every 3-5 days,


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    Sorry to hear its such slow progress. Best of luck this week.

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    Thanks. She went to the vet yesterday and ulcer has healed so great news we removed the cone off her head and she had been ok until we got home from work today and the smelly little rat had scratched all around her eye leaving it raw and red. Cone back on. Thank goodness she didn't re injure the ulcer cos I would have been cross to say the least.

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    newest 059.jpg

    thank goodness we got the all clear that tessa's eye has healed
    just uploaded these pics off my phone thaught id share

    newest 001.jpg

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