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Thread: OMG Food That Can Kill!!!

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    I saw this on my FB the other day, very scary.

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    in regards to strawberries, yes they can have a toxic effect in young children. google it and you will see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keira & Phoenix View Post
    I wouldn't freak out. These are only dangerous in large amounts.

    My dogs get the odd grape here and there, the odd bit of onion and are fine.
    My dog eats the grapes straight off the vine and has done for many years with no signs of health issues

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    Wow that news report is mighty scarey!
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    My kelpie Bono (God rest his soul) would nick anything. He managed to get the party bags, all 30 of them, that I made for my boys 7th birthday. Ate the chocolates, crayons, hats and blowers, the only thing he spat out were the badges He would often eat a cake of soap if he could reach it. Drank out of the toilet. Grottiest dog I've ever known and I loved him to bits. Never sick a day in his life and lived to 18 years

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