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    My sister in law has a Choc lab x some big dog (she's bigger than a lab) female who is not desexed. She went on heat a while ago and they thaught that she could have been bred by accident (I know. ) she had 2 ultra sounds 1 week apart at what would have been 35 and 42 days or so give or take. Both were clear of pups. Yesterday she noticed big big boobs and squirting milk. Today I went to visit. She doesn't look preg apart from the boobs lol her belly not swollen Girly parts not either. Just wondering what the chances are of the ultra sound missing pups or a phantom preg to go so far.

    She is keeping an extra eye on her but she is convinced it's a phantom

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    My brother's staffy had a phantom pregnancy. I don't think it went as far as milk but all the teats swelled up and she does look a bit like she's had a litter, but I'm pretty sure we would have noticed puppies...

    If there is an opportunity for a male to jump in and jump out ie fences less than 5m high... then maybe a mating could have happened but again, you think puppies would show up on the ultrasound.

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