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Thread: Miss Lilly Has a Hip/back Problem....

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    Default Off to JCU Vet Hopsital they go..... Lilly round 2, Boof round 1......

    Hey guys,

    Long story short, just over 4 weeks ago I noticed Lilly limping on her right leg, I watched it for a few days and with reduced exercise it wasn't getting better, so off to the vet we went.

    Initial exam called for a sedation and to look at the cruciate. They did this a week to the day later and in the meantime she was on anti inflammatories/pain relief. By the appointment for sedation the leg had improved.

    The cruciate was clear and they checked her other joints while they were there and all appeared fine. (3 vets checked while she was under, all that were on duty in the surgery that day).

    We stopped the anti inflammatories/pain relief but kept exercise reduced. The limp started to come back worse so we put her back on the medication, but a week ago it got really bad. Was no longer just that right leg as a limp, she was stooped with a hunch in her back and the whole back end seemed sore. So I took her back to the vet on Tuesday (after the long weekend) and had xrays done.

    There is some minor swelling from like 3-9 vertebrae from her tail, which is probably caused by the compensation for the pain. The xrays were basically clear, with only a minor issue with the left hip socket which at this stage they aren't convinced is the problem. It appears that this has probably only become irritated as she is walking to compensate for pain. The hip socket is only a tiny bit short in comparison to the right one which is perfect and under normal circumstances they wouldn't believe it would cause an issue. There were no bone spurs, joint mice, obvious deviation/alignment issues with vertebrae. All the gaps were consistent etc so the xrays have been forwarded to a specialist for further review.

    Next stop as far as the vet is concerned (as we are in Nth QLD and closest MRI is brisbane) will be a dye injection to the spinal tract and then xrays to see if there are any obstructions or similar before we progress to an MRI as that will require her being transported etc.

    However if the specialist says the xrays are clear and the hip socket is no issue I will be taking Lilly and her xrays to the animal chiro in the next town. My vet doesn't provide that service and wasn't so keen on the idea, but wasn't so bad when I told her it wasn't a human chiro (obviously she has had bad experiences) and actually a vet that is trained in animal chiro. She asked that I hold off on this until the specialist gives the all clear from the xrays.

    Fingers crossed it's nothing major but at this stage we really have no idea.

    Thanks for listening xoxo
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    Yep as soon as I started reading I was thinking you need to see a Vet/Chiro. It could be that she has a pinched nerve or something similar which will not show up in xrays but could be causing severe pain (think what it feels like for a person to have a pinched nerve in the back OUCH!). With a bit of chiropractic adjustment and maybe some acupuncture hopefully it will clear up quickly. They might also give you some natural pain relief to help as well. I can't speak highly enough about Vet/Chiros we have some absolutely fantastic ones in Brisbane, it is a shame you are not in the area otherwise I could refer you to them.

    Good luck and keep us updated

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    Hi Shelby,

    I am sorry to hear that. When your pet is in pain, you would rather have the pain...don't you? I hope Chiro treatment works for Lilly.
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    Ok so we went for a pre lim appointment at the vet with the chiro, the wanted to see her and xrays to see if it would be possible to help her, but they were happy to wait for the specialist report.

    Well, turns out sometime in the last 3 weeks she has actually ruptured both cruciates.

    I have called the regular vet and am waiting for them to call me back.

    After the guy told me what was wrong I told him that had been checked for and the time frame etc, he said that the right leg was probably a very minor partial rupture when they sedated her and the left wouldn't have even started to go. So it ws no surprise to him that it wasn't picked up, simply due to the chain of events that occurred. (That was a relief).

    He briefly discussed that surgery options but advised I go back to the treating vet and have a chat first and see where we go from there.

    Thankfully this little vegimite is insured with Medibank Privates top cover and has been since late september last year, so barring some strange rule I don't know of, should be covered.

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    So we are back off to our normal vet in the morning for a chat about options and so they can see her cruciates for themselves.

    I have looked into crates for the recovery period and have already cut their food back (Boof won't be hurt by losing a few kg either) to help get some weight off Lilly. She's 26kg but they have indicated 22kg would be good.

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    What a bummer........Hope it all goes well
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    Thanks Newfsie....

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    Best of luck.
    My only suggestions are supports
    - fish oil daily (not before surgery as it can stop blood from clotting) and vit e
    - glucosamine/chondriton
    - sachas blend or similar (glyde etc)

    we have gotton our dog off antiinflamitries with strict wt control/excellent diet and the above supliments.

    Found this site which I thought was interesting- comparing different treatments:
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    Thanks.... i've done a bucket load of reading from diffrent vet sites to independent reviews and research.

    She is currently on Joint Guard and gets Flaxseed Oil, fed a lot of fish as well.

    We are working on the weightloss now!

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    Sorry to hear about Lilly's injuries and wow what awful bad luck for her to rupture both cruciates in a 3 week period, poor thing. I have heard of a few a few instances when one goes and the other goes not long after as the good one is put under more pressure whilst the other one is ruptured or in recovery from surgery. It is good that you are addressing the weight issue as it will certainly help her.

    Is she actually going to have two separate surgeries to repair one at a time?

    I don't know what city/state you are located in, but I am located in Sydney, so if you need a recommendation on where to purchase a crate from I have included a couple of links to companies below that I purchased both my crates from, a very sturdy XLarge collapsible metal crate from Vebopets and a very large (XXXL) collapsible soft/fabric crate from Topbuy and both companies will ship nationwide - I think you have to contact Vebopets to get a price from them.

    I got the XLarge collapsible metal crate for my current Lab youngster when he was a pup and got the size to fit him as an adult and just put a divider in when he was a pup, which wasn't for long as he grew so quickly. : Having two senior lab boys at the time I got him as a pup, the crate was a blessing and one of the best investments I have made and it was quite funny as the senior boys would take turns of going in there for a snooze as once pup was house trained, which only took a very short time, I used to leave the door open and they would all take turns of wandering in and having a snooze. I ended up buying another crate, a very large soft crate that was on special at an extremely good price from Topbuy and set it up next to my youngster's crate when the cold weather hit us and my current remaining senior boy (lost my other senior a couple of months ago at 15 years old) loves it as it has a nice comfy bed in it with fleecy blankets on the top and he quite often snuggles in there during the day or at night, and my youngster plays musical crates between the two of them. I have draped large blankets over them so the sides and back are completely covered to keep out any drafts, so they are like nice warm dens for them.

    Dog Cages, Crates - Vebo Pet Supplies Sydney

    Pet Supplies: Top Brand Bargain Online Shopping For Huge Saving and Discount - Everyday!

    Best wishes for your girl's surgery and I hope all goes well with her recovery and I am sending lots of positive thoughts and healing vibes Lilly's way. Also good to hear you have pet insurance for her as well. I also have it for my youngster and got it not longer after I got him, as had already done a lot of research when I decided to get another pup after I lost my 10 year old lab boy to Cancer, with many thousands of dollars on surgery with Vet Specialists and Chemo treatment.

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