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    lm new to the forum so I hope Ive posted this in the right place and I am sorry this is so long.
    I wanted to share some good news about our aging Old English Sheep dog. He's 11 years old, and starting to show his age.

    Last week he was so agitated he couldnt sit still - we werent sure if it was an ear infection or a little dementia - his arthritus was acting up and so a trip to the vet was needed, they couldnt find an ear infection but gave him meds just incase.

    Then his back leg seemed to loose function - which was a real worry because he had an op on his knee a few years ago and we werent sure he could cope with another op at his age.

    Being such a big dog we were terrified he'd fall; because he wont stay in one spot.
    The vet checked him out and found that he has atrophy in his hind legs (nerve damage from aging) she took bloods and gave us pain meds for him.

    This was really hard for me because I realised that I couldnt make the decision to say goodbye yet but what sort of a life does he have when we have to brace him with a sheet under his belly so he can walk?

    But since we came home he has picked up - he is walking on his own again and his blood work came back - the vet said she was amazed that he is so healthy for a big dog his age. I am so thrilled.

    Ive seen this condition before in our shepherd so I know the deal - but right now Jake is healthy and happy and pain free.

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    Thats fantastic news!! Sounds like he has a few more years under his paws

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    He sounds like he has wonderful owners that have helped him live a long healthy life.
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