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Thread: Coughing

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    Back from the vets. He has kennel cough as thought. I was given some cough medicine but told only to give it to him if he gets worse. I was also told that we'll probably have this for 2 months, having 4 dogs they will likely get it one after the other. I really hope my old girl doesn't get hit too hard.

    I'll be vaccinating them soon. I used to vaccinate every year, but we never take them out and they were never near other dogs, so I got lazy. I've learnt from my mistake.

    Thanks for your help, Occy and Billy
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    Have you considered titre testing? ask your vet about it - google it!

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    Mine have recently had KC (and yes, this was well before having pound rescues on our property!), and they're all vaccinated. They most likely picked it up from a dog show. But if it's airborne it can come from anywhere.

    It's like a common cold or flu in humans. Viruses mutate very easily, and vaccination only protects against one or very limited strains. I'm sure you've seen in media how the latest flu vaccine will only protect against one certain type of flu.

    If it stays simple with no secondary infection then you can think of it like a cold in kids, a little bend and stretch exercise for their immune systems.

    I have fairly strong opinons on vaccination - but animal ones are often safer than human ones as they are cultured on tissue of that particular animal, unlike human ones which can be from all sorts of sources...

    Titre testing is a good way to aviod over vaccination. Many vets now recommend it instead of automatic yearly shots.

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