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    Default Dog with Itchy Butt

    I have a 3yo heeler/kelpie cross that is a rehomed stray. I got her a year ago and right from the start she dragged her butt. Her anal glands are not enlarged and she is regularly wormed. I put her onto a low allergy commercial diet for 4 change. I tried a home made low allergy diet...very strict change. Expensive vet pathology tests to check for parasites, fungus etc. Plus skin cell test. Still drags her butt.

    She is very active and otherwise healthy. Has a 3 acre yard and plenty of runs. She does have a few odd behaviours - sucks her "thumb" (dew claw) but does not do any damage to it.

    Any suggestions?

    Someone told me they had used a human hemaroid oinment on their dog for this problem. My vet said he would not reccamend this. What do you think?

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    Maybe she has had bad worm or anal glad problems once in her past and got into the habit of doing it?

    Maybe it's just like her thumb sucking, a behaviour rather than a health problem... She might jsut slowly stop doing it as she finds more entertaining activities in life! Maybe you could try distracting her from it with training techniques.

    Good luck with her, she does sound cute anyway..

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    Thanks Nattylou

    That was my first post and I was thrilled to get a repy.

    I hope you are right. She is so healthy now. Was 12K and full of parasites when I got her. Now a healthy shiny coated 21k and full of energy. She would turn inside out for me if she could only work out what I wanted. Is as silly as a wheel but sweet natured.

    I have stopped her chasing cars, roos and she stays home now on an unfenced property. She even used chase cars when in the car! Still pulls on the lead and sucks her thumb and plasy with ehr leg as if its a toy. I think she had been chained up a lot as she lieks to go on a chain when she is stressed.

    cheers Nanou

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    Poor little mite. It's sad when they've become insecure. She'll get there. You might find that the insecurities just fade away in time - like the car chasing!

    Until one day you'll be saying "Remember how she used to suck her thumb and drag her butt around!?"

    Cheers to you for making her life a brighter place - I'm sure she will repay the favour over and over!

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    Hi Bluenanou

    I had the same problem with my stafford girl. Did the tests, diet etc. pretty much the same as you.
    1 possibility ended up being - habbit - as she was full of worms when i got her at 6months. and
    2nd sensitive skin around the butt, so we just have to check the skin once in a while and if it looks inflamed or feels hot put some antibiotic cream on.

    She's nearly 5 now and does not do it often anymore but when she does it's usually after going to the toilet....Its funny when people see her doing it, we just say 'yep we trained her to wipe her butt after going'

    Just look out for inflamed skin or sores once in a while...because the skin can graze and get infected.

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