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    i have a boarder collie x kelpie ever since moving into this house we have had problems with our pets this dog has a lot of fleas ive tried the flea tables and drops from coles i also put a flea collar on him ive also washed him and still those fleas just wont go away will proban fix him up? we also live near a creek i have given him a quick look over for ticks it looks like he might have an allergic reaction to something could it possibly be the fleas?

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    dont use that stuff, go and get some frontline or advantage!
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    will that fix his skin irritation?

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    Yes it should fleas or him scratching will more than likely be the cause for rash. Get Frontline plus or advantage much more effective and better for your dog than stuff u buy in supermarket. And ends up cheaper in longrn

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    ok thanks i just purchased frontline plus hopefully that fixes him the problem is only where he can each with his mouth on the top back near tail and tail what is the best way of applying frontline plus should i wash him wait a few days than apply or just apply?

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    I would just apply then maybe wash him in a week or a few days ( it says 24 or 48 hours I think on box) if it's where he can scratch it will be from fleas. Get rid of flea collars they are horrible things. ( strip of poison round the neck) the frontline should also kill the fleas around his bed and that but if infestation bad it may take a while but they should leave him alone for a while at least
    Good luck

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    Asharee, there's really no need for your disgusting language =/

    Do you know where the flees are coming from? I'd suggest letting a bug bomb off too. No point in getting them off your dog if they're living in the same place your dog is =)

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    If you're worried about cost, buy the Purina flea shampoo they sell in the supermarket - Yes the exelpet stuff works too, but the purina one is gentler on the skin and less likely to cause the irritation.

    Go to your vet and buy some Sentinel - I'm sorry to those who use it but I believe frontline is crap. It doesn't work as its supposed to and it can lead to poisoning in some breeds!

    My Kelpie cross has Sentinel once a month and I boost this with a Capstar tablet if I see anything on him (Sentinel stops the fleas breeding, doesn't kill adults, Capstar kills adults but won't stop the breeding). He gets bathed in the Purina Flea shampoo before I give him the Capstar otherwise he is bathed in Aloeveen. I've seen (literally) 5 fleas on him in the last year, they've been adults and they have died very quickly!

    Wash ALL of the dogs bedding, or spray down with the household flea spray, put it outdoors in the sun to dry out. I would also set off a bug bomb in the house to kill any persistent adults.
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