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Thread: Calcium Requirements Dogs Daily

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    Default Calcium Requirements Dogs Daily

    the NRC recommends the daily calcium requirements for adult dogs is
    0.75g how much is that in mg elemental calcium daily?
    Also my 12month old spoodle is still on puppy food, when do I change him to adult food, and how many calories should he eat daily please?

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    Calcium is an element.

    So I'm guessing 0.75gm calcium is the same as 0.75gm elemental calcium.

    But most calcium comes as calcium carbonate (Calcium + Carbon + Oxygen). I don't know how much of that you'd need to get the RDI for your dog. I'd have to resort to molar calcs and I can't be stuffed.

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    I know that for giants we do not add calcium to diets anymore like we used to in the past.
    We feed VitC, kelp and bones (RAW). Also cold fish oil and glucosamine/chondrontine (??SP) All for helping with bone growth and development. Only when we get advise from vet do we use human Dolomite ( not the gardening variety), Dolomite appears to be a good source of magnesium and calcium supplementation. In animal models, minerals from dolomite are well absorbed. which is calcium/magnesium.
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