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Thread: My Dog Won't Eat!

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    Default My Dog Won't Eat!

    What can you recommend to feed a fussy small dog? i have a 5 year old maltese shihtzu and i can't get her to eat. The person i got her from said she wasn't fussy and ate super coat dry food but in fact she won't touch it! or optimum dry food, natures gift tins or hi-pro dog food..
    What else can i try that isn't too expensive?

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    Try Sentinel Yoghurt Plus - Woolworths stock it and it's about the same price as Supercoat now. It smells very yoghurty so hopefully she'd like it.

    Otherwise, put the food down, leave it there for 15 minutes and take it away again at the end of that time. At dinner time, put it down for another 15 minutes and take it away again. Don't offer her other foods as this will encourage her to be fussy. By giving her more variety she's already learnt that if she doesn't eat something better will come along.

    Be firm, she's going through a lot of changes and the more consistent you are the more you'll be helping her in the long run

    Congratulations on your new dog too btw, can we see some pictures of her? Pictures are a must!!

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    Hi, i'd check to see if she has a sore throat. My poodle actually suffered from tonsilitis when he was a puppy. Was quite a while and only on my insistance that the vet finally really checked the throat. Kept telling me he was just a fussy small dog.

    He'd start to eat food then turn up his nose and walk away. Nothing we tried would work. Once the throat was fixed he ate anything.

    I personally use Royal Canin wet and dry, as it seems to be highly flavoured and he loves it.

    Sore throat might not be your case of course. But if she used to eat the other food with no problems, don't see why she'd suddenly become fussy at her age.

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    Older dogs often turn their noses up at food when they have had upheaval in their lives - such as a new home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelanBatty View Post
    Older dogs often turn their noses up at food when they have had upheaval in their lives - such as a new home.
    i was about to say the same thing.
    when sasha came home with us i was given the food that sasha had been eating while with the breeder to take home, and also the schedule at which she was eating.
    Th first night she was fine gobbled it all in one sitting.
    The following three days were terrible! she did not eat a THING! after much panic though she returned to being a little piglet.
    Stress of the new surroundings i guess it was.

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    When I got my last puppy he had been fed Advance his whole life.

    When he came here he wouldn't touch it.

    I experimented with a few dry foods and found one that he didn't mind. He would never sit there and eat it, but he would at least take a few pieces.
    I went with that one and just kept putting it down and taking it back up.
    Eventually he got hungry enough and finally ate.

    No healthy dog will starve themselves, so if the vet gives the ok then it's just a matter of being patient.
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    If nothing else, try roast chicken.

    I would use it sparingly though as they tend to then learn that if they resist other food, they get gold.
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    Talking about rejecting food.

    One night, many years ago (was actually preggy with Miss 11 at the time). Me and the OH were eating KFC.

    Chevy (who is no longer with us) was at the time our only dog, she was about 2 (or Maybe we had Lennox then ...but I digress). She was sat with us as normal waiting for her share of the dinner.

    My OH handed her one of the rolls...which she politely took. She then turned her head and spat it out only to turn and look at the box full of chicken

    LMAO, we peed ourselves for ages

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    Chicken is softer and less expensive. Boil the chicken, put some carrots and mix with rice. Or better yet, ask the vet for more advice.
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    Some dogs like cat biscuits as well (or indeed, prefer them). You can get roo mince for $3/kg or so. Also something like a cheap human tuna.

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