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Thread: Recommendations for a Vet That Performs Cherry Eye Surgery.

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    Default Recommendations for a Vet That Performs Cherry Eye Surgery.

    Hi can anyone recommend a vet that performs cherry eye surgery and knows the prices involved. I have a french bulldog that needs it done, im on the southside of brisbane. Thanks

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    I'm afraid I can't recommend any I'm sorry, but perhaps call around to some vets in your area for pricing?

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    Eye Clinic for Animals - Australia

    the above lists some vetrinary opthalmologists.
    We have a 1 eyed dog, but we are in NSW so no help to you. Hope that link has some vets in Qld,

    edited to add- this link: Animal Eye Services in Queensland

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    There are two techniques to repair a cherry eye... one involves removing the third eye lid, the other involves stitching it into place.... what ever vet you get make sure they use the second option... removal of the third eye lid should only be used if all other options are explored first... my first litter of staffords had a couple of cherry eye's and its a pretty minor surgery, I dropped a 10 week old pup to my vet at 8.30 they rang me three hours later to say please pick her up, she's screaming and ready to go home... I've also seen a dog whos cherry eye is not repaired and the owner pops it back herself when it comes out... hope all goes well for your dog

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