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Thread: Is It Okay to Flea Puppy 1 Week Later?

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    Default Is It Okay to Flea Puppy 1 Week Later?

    I used advocate flea treatment on my new puppy a week ago and unfortunately was so wrapped up in just getting her that I forgot that my cat needed to be treated at the same time. The treament didn't work and I was wondering if I could treat her again today or should I wait a month?

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    Grab a flea shampoo from the supermarket. Wash both the dog and the cat (I know, cat's are difficult), make sure you have some Eucalyptus based laundry detergent (Earths Choice is best I've found) and wash ALL bedding. Get some of either the frontline spray or the exelpet spray for carpets and treat all carpets and fabric furniture (including anything the dog & cat don't get on). This is the most effective way to get rid of fleas.

    Most spot on treatments take 2 or 3 weeks to kick in. I personally use Sentinel Spectrum (chew/tablet that stops the flea life cycle, doesn't kill adult fleas but does get rid of intestinal worms and heartworm) combined with Purina Flea Shampoo (from the supermarket, about $10 for a big 1L container of it) Exelpet Flea Shampoo is just as effective. I haven't used my flea shampoo in nearly 15 minths. Sometimes shampooing twice is necessary.

    While you're treating for fleas wear aeroguard or similar around your feet and lower legs to ensure you don't get bitten too.

    Hope this helps!

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    Give your dog a Capstar tables (available from the pet shops and Vets). You can even safely treat her again in a few days with this.
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