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Thread: Safe Bones for Chew-obsessed 7 Month Old?

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    Default Safe Bones for Chew-obsessed 7 Month Old?


    Our pup used to get a couple of days' entertainment out of a raw lamb neck, but now she has her adult teeth she just consumes the whole thing within an hour or two.

    She so loves to chew that I think we need to find bones that will keep her occupied for much longer, but without danger of splintering or of breaking or wearing down her lovely new teeth. What types of bones will be best for her?

    She is a 7 month old Golden Retriever mix.

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    Marrow bones from the butcher, ask the butcher to quarter them for you if they aren't already cut.

    Takes Batty 2 weeks to get through. He can destroy the black kongs in half a day, the extra tough tyre toys in two days, but give him a quarter of a marrow bone and he's still trying to destroy it two weeks later!

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    So those aren't too hard? Some say that weight-bearing bones from large animals like cows are too much for dog teeth...(?)
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    I've never had a problem with them. I've also never heard of that theory about bones.

    I find that you can overthink things, particularly when it comes to food. I'd give the marrow bones a try and if you think they're too hard, take them away again.

    If you don't try it, you'll never know

    Besides, there's too much enjoyment gained for the dog in eating the marrow out of the bone. Batty chews on the joint end after the marrow & meat is gone, but he doesn't chew on that much of the bone part itself.

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    My big boy loves cannon bones.

    He is another dog who can chew through just about anything but give him a cannon bone and he is still getting enjoyment weeks later

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    My dogs also eat the cannon/femur bones and i have never had an issue with weight-bearing bones. I think there are more dogs who get sick or have issues with bad teeth and or ingesting other things they have chewed (such as sticks).
    I just don't allow them to eat the bones in Summer when they have dried, that is like giving cooked bones. Raw and not dried is my way of feeding. So in Summer I only leave them out for a couple of days and throw out any left overs.
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