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    Hi All, I hope you can rest my mind a little. Sammi is currently teething and over the last couple of days she has been really off her dry food, Even when i give her a soft chewable treat she is eating it like a lady rather than the scoffer she usually is.

    She is very quite and whimpers every now and then.

    Would I be right in thinking that she may be in a bit of discomfort with her teeth and is dealling with pain in her own way?

    Other than that everything else is normal, tail is still wagging she loves her cuddles, she just seems a bit blugh.

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    I would say it is just her teeth, they can get very sore.

    Try freezing some chicken stock mixed with water in ice cream containers. They love licking at it and chewing it and it really helps soothe their gums.

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    Batty suffered badly with teething, he had a huge amount of pain, to the point where he was whining and crying for a couple of days.

    My best tip, get some Bonjela gel from the supermarket - my vet said to use it on Batty's gums. It worked a treat and after nearly two weeks he was back to himself. The bonjela helped SOOO much for the poor boy.

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