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Thread: Flea Worm and Heart Worm Qs

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    Default Flea Worm and Heart Worm Qs

    Just wondering what treatment/prevention do you use? I have been using advocate as a one treatment for all but am wondering if it is the right thing to use or if I am better off using seperate treatments for each...

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    I use advocate....have been for the last 2 years and havent had a single flea or anything since I started.

    I much prefer to just do the one topical treatment a month. I found giving different tablets and topicals a bit of a nuisance tbh

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    I use Sentinel Spectrum - I can't recommend anything else as I haven't found anything as effective. I use just a standard flea shampoo once every two months, if I see something there. I live west of Brisbane and haven't had a flea in any of my houses in 6 years.

    Sentinel does NOT kill adult fleas, but it stops them from breeding, so using in conjunction with Capstar tablets or a good flea shampoo is a must.

    Oh, I use the chewable tablets, not the actual chews. They're beef flavoured and my dog thinks they're the bestest treat ever lol.

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    Sentinel tablet once a month for worms/heartworm/fleas, advantix fortnightly in the hotter months, a tick collar in winter and not a worm or flea here in sight in 12 years.

    like a rolling thunder chasing the wind...

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