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    A bit sad at the moment lying here with Tessa, my 15 year old silky x. She was diagnosed with collapsed trachea a bit over a year ago. She is on nuelin twice a day permanently. Today she is pretty out of breath and when we pick her up she wheezes like she swallowed a squeaky toy. She has been coughing more than normal today and dryreaches out water all over the floor after a drink.
    She has just finished a dose of prednisilone for her skin ( I believe this makes her breathing worse but she gets pustules on skin occasionally and really needs them).
    I was wondering if anyone has ever used ventolin on their dogs or if they know of anything else that may help.

    Money isn't a issue but I don't think she would do well with surgery the vet even said that it would be too risky

    I'm sick of my family saying. Oh remember she's old. She has lived A good life.
    They said that 3 years ago when she had surgery for breast CA $1500 later and it was worth every penny.

    I love Tessa soo much. ( more than alot of ppl in my life )

    I got her when I was 11 and my parents were goin through a difficult divorce. SHe was like a councilor to my brother and me and I can't imagine life without her.

    Sorry for long post but needed to get that out.

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    tessalyon I'm so sorry about what you're going through. I know it's hard and I know you don't want to hear those words from people, but really, they don't have anything better to say, or they don't know how to or which words to pick. 15 years is A LOT for a dog and I really hope she will live more. No one can really tell you what to do, it has to be your decision. If you feel she should have a surgery - give it a go. I know I would if I felt that about my dog - you know her the best. Sometimes animals amaze us. Recently my friend's dog had a huge tumor removed, vet gave him less than 30% survival chance because of his age, but he made it. On the other hand, if she doesn't make it - she won't suffer, it's going to be like putting her to sleep. Hang on there.
    Respect and you shall be respected. Animal is always right.

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    With such a dear and longtime friend I would be looking at quality of life for her.

    All the best- you sound so distressed. I hope you can come to a decision you feel at peace with.

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    Agree with above post, look at quality of life.

    Its a hard hard decision and one you need to think about and make sure is best for Tessa as well as yourself.

    Such a difficlt time to go through, I took 4 days to make the decision for my old girl and she was only 12. Sometimes people dont understand when you feel that way about an animal which can make it harder.

    All the best for you both

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    Only you can decide, with support and advice from your Vet. It must be hard. She knows you love her and if she goes now or in 5 years time, she will still know this.
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    you could maybe get her an oxygen rig - that would increase the effectiveness of her breathing.

    Not sure how it would go long term though.

    Ask your vet what s/he would do if it was their dog. Ie quality of life vs quantity

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    Tanks for the posts. I understand that she doesn't have alot of time left here and I know that on the day where the decision needs to be made I will do that for her.

    She is less puffed out today but still honking and chucking water after drinks. I will take her back to the vet mon or tues for review of treatment options.

    Fedra - the surgery would be major throat surgery to repair the trachea and I would rather not put her through the trauma and pain. The vet said they are reluctant to do it on young dogs cos of the risk and trauma.

    It's all about quality time with Tessa right now.

    I was happy to see today her out in the yard with the rottys playing ( it was so cute to see them being so gentle with her. Whilst letting her launch attacks on them. Then waiting for her to catch her breath calmly.

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