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    Hi, Im getting kinda worried and Ive looked absolutely everywhere but I cannot find clear relevent information on whats going on and to get this question answered its backstory needs to be told as well.

    OK to start off with we have 3 dogs, theres bruiser (a 17 year old unfixed staffy cross) Charli (3 year old fixed female) and our newest addition is Tara and its her where the problem is, we got her a few little while back from a man who didnt like her, she was in a really bad shape bony, filthy flea infested that kind of thing, we dont know how old she is mum guesses around 4 or 5 years and dad hates her they always said they were gonna get her fixed but they didnt have the money and where too proud to take it from me. but anyways 2 weeks ago she came on heat, for the first 8 or so days bruiser (who is unfixed cos my dad is weird about fixing male dogs) was uninterested, but to be safe we kept them seperate now 15 days later and hes going insane, breaking down gates, chewing through doors and this is making my dad very unagreeable.

    so now im stuck, no matter what i do someones going to get hurt dads threatening to shoot Tara or bruiser every chance he gets and I have been saving my pocket money but I dont know how much its going to cost and... well thats the thing I dont know what Ive got to do, I dont want anyone to suffer.

    so my questions in short are
    -roughly how much does it cost to fix a 5kilo 5 year old female dog?
    -is there any thing i can do to stop bruiser causing anymore damage?
    -how can I make living with tara as hassel free for my dad as possible (her existing is really annoying him nothing else but any suggestions are good)
    - can you fix her while shes on heat?
    -and how much are vaccinations?

    Im sorry if this doesnt make much sense my minds kinda in pannick mode at the minute any help would be really appreciated.

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    To be honest, long term, she is far better off in another home. Why would you keep a dog in a house where she isn't wanted. Owning an animal should be a family consideration.

    Where are located? Which state? I may be able to offer some alternatives and contact numbers if I know at least which state.

    I am surprised that a 17 year old dog has that much interest to be honest. If she has already been in season for 15 days (or is it 15 + 8?) then she doesn't have long to go and he will settle.
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    I know that the rspca may offer cheeper desexing- it might be worth calling them to find out how much they charge.

    You are living with your dad- and saving your pocket money- how old are you? Its a big responsibility for a child or young adult. I hope you can get some "in real life" adult support soon.

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    Ill give that a go thanks guys, I called the vet and she said she should help me out, she is wanted just not by my dad and he hates everyone shes a good dog and no matter what I will get her through this, if i wasnt serious i wouldnt have asked, I am very sorry if Ive annoyed you, I really didnt mean to and dont worry I wont bother you again, thanks for your time.

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    I feel your pain - one of my girls is in season and my young male is going beserk.. But at least I don't have neighbours or family to worry about!!

    Ash the trouble with bitches in season is that they can't be desexed. Well they can, but its high risk due to the hormones and potential for bleeding, and more expensive than usual. Which is all the advice a vet will give you at this stage. Not much help I know!!

    If she has been in season for 15 days she will drive male dogs nuts probably until at least day 21. You are safer to keep her locked up until day 25 at least.

    You can try bathing her, and putting something strong smelling on the fur around her tail area - like vicks vaporub. Don't get it on her bare skin or under her tail where it can rub off on her backside or vulva 'cause it will sting.

    The longer they've been in, the stronger the smell, so bathing often reduces the impact on nearby males.

    You've done a lovely thing to help her out, but as far as a season goes all you can do is be patient. Even if you had all the money in the world for desexing it probably wouldn't help you as most vets will want to wait until she's been finished a few weeks before they do the surgery.

    I don't know if explaining it medically will help satisfy your dad, but at 15 day, you're probably half way through, and things can only get easier.

    Give her a good bath, give boofhead boy a big bone and see if you can start restoring some calm.

    Breathe deep, stick it out. You'll get there.

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    Hopefully this will help.

    Pardon my city ways but your Dad doesn't seem entirely reasonable. Yikes. His balls are not connected to his dog's balls.

    National Desexing Network | Home

    Should be able to help with cheaper desexing.

    AWL will do free desex in certain circumstance.

    You can also get the contraceptive pill for an undesexed bitch.

    As far as I know desexing a bitch at a city vet may cost around $300 but hopefully you can find something better via the NDN or your local vet.

    I hope you find a way to make it work. Try to catch your dad doing something good and tell him you appreciate the good things... for all the other times - just walk away and say nothing.

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    oh I know how anoying it can be with a bitch in season... my 13 year old boy who is desexed still thinks every female that comes to visit is for him.. and drives them mad until the brain works out they are not in season... he has eaten doors and broken crates during his years to get to females in season... the only way I was able to keep him calm was to crate both him and the female ... letting them out for toilet breaks and short walks only... I also found that no matter what day they are eventually allowed back together he still thinks she is in season and it takes a few hours for him to settle down to normal life together...

    I also would not desex during a season unless it was a life saving emergency.. I have seen quite a few lose their lives this way it can be quite risky... althou we do desex the rescues if they are at the start of the season and this has been done without problems so far... speak to your vet and find out when they consider it safe at the other end...

    In the mean time all you can do is keep them apart and try to avoid them crossing paths as the smell will stimulate him... Poor boy he must be going mad...

    Good luck... hope you can get her desexed by next season...

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