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    What kind of guarantee does genetic health testing offer puppies against hip and eye problems?

    Basically, I guess I am asking that if the parents both have 'clear' hip and eye tests, does this mean that there is no way that a puppy could develop issues later in life? Does it guarantee that you will be buying a dog free of these ailments or could they still develop health issues?

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    With eyes it will give you a guarantee if both parents are clear. With hips and elbows no. It will suggest that your chances of hip problems are lessened but you need to look further than the parents like other reletives and puppies from previous matings of the pair. One of my dogs has very mild HD and his sister has moderate HD and both parents and their parents have near perfect hips. It was a first breeding of that pairing, and will not be done again, some sort of a genetic clash with regards to hips.

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