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    i will be picking up my puppy in a week and a half and am tossing up which way to go.... Do i keep her isolated until her vac has kicked in or do I get her out and abou asap?
    I plan on doing dog obiedience hopefully competitively, pets as therapy in aged care, and possibly ses search and rescue... so she needs to be very chilled and exposed preferably the younger the better. She has had ns and is a lovely little pup and I have been visiting the litter since they where 2 wks old.
    I have horses and my other dog comes for a run through the paddocks everyday.... Is this safe for her before her vacs have kicked in? there are wild ducks and roos on the property so I am not sure if she would be able to catch anything from them.....
    And other dogs? I wouldnt take her to a dog park or busy dog walking place, but my parents have 3 vac dogs is she ok to visit with them?

    Thanks for your help guys, I am sure I am going to have heaps of questions in the coming weeks

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    You need to find a balance between keeping her safe and socialiseing her at this crucial imprinting age.

    I always get mine out and about, and like you said, avoid high-traffic dog areas (like dog parks and highway rest stops etc).

    But you parents vaccinated dogs are probably a perfect place to visit!

    She won't catch anything from ducks or kanagroos - except worms maybe from snacking on poo!! But a normal worming regime will keep that in check anyway.

    Parvo is the bog worry, and it is transmitted through the feaces of infected dogs. So low dog traffic areas are normally safe. A few years back it was spreading much more than usual due to dust storms in the drought - poo turning to dust and being picked up by winds was giving the virus a great helping hand!

    But with more rain it has settled down.

    I am normally careful with pups but still get them out and about between 8 and 12 weeks, and after 12 weeks worry less about it and take them everywhere.

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    The bog worry? Sorry, couldn't resist.

    I agree with Natty.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Before my puppy's vaccines were complete - I did puppy pre-school with her at my Vet's. You should be fairly safe with dogs that you know are already vaccinated and flea'd and the rest - that's what he said.

    You can still socialise with children - remember it's a puppy not a toy...

    Vague rule of thumb - puppy needs approximately 5 minutes of exercise (walk) per month of age - so you'd be pushing it to make it around the block for the first couple of months anyway.

    You can start foundation skills with your puppy now, like shaping (clicker training with or without a clicker) - doesn't matter what you get the puppy to do, you're basically training dog to try anything to see what works and this is hugely helpful for later training. And avoid luring... because all the dog does is learn to follow the treat.

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