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Thread: What Food for a Fussy Eater?

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    Default What Food for a Fussy Eater?

    I have a 1 year old shih tzu x maltese that i rescued.
    Her previous owner fed her human food her entire life, so i can't blame her that she is fussy.
    Currently i am feeding her canned dog food as well as human food.
    I am looking for a high quality dry dog food that is nutritious and of course delicious.
    I have tried introducing dry dog food (crappy supermarket ones) but she wont touch it, cant blame her though.
    Are there any good quality dry dog food free samples available in Australia?
    What dry dog food do you recommend? Reason I'm after dry dog food is to assist in cleaning her teeth.


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    I feed VIP dog roll, mine go crazy for it. In addition to that I feed supercoat dry food and give raw bones a couple of times a week.
    Mine all have sparkling teeth.

    You can try feeding something like the dog roll with some sardines mixed through it, or a little raw chicken mince.

    A have never fed a completely raw diet so I can't offer firsthand experience but I know others on this site do and the dogs love it.

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    There are sometimes free sample packs for nutro natural choice, and it's not too bad as far as quality goes.

    Dog Food Analysis - Reviews of kibble
    The Dog Food Project - How does your Dog Food Brand compare?

    are two sites that give you an idea how to assess the ingredients that go into dog food.

    Possibly the best one you can get in a supermarket is Optimum. But the best dry dog food in terms of ingredients is probably artemis. There are some others that rate as good but one of those is sold exclusively by a chain that supports puppy mills and back yard breeders (they sell puppies).

    If my dog doesn't eat her allocated dinner inside 10 minutes, I take it away until the next scheduled mealtime. A few skipped meals won't kill a dog and gives it new ideas on what it can eat really. Note - this may not apply to sight hounds.

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    I will not use imported pet food because it is irradiated before importation to Australia. Besides, why not use a local product like Natural Balance? (See Discount Pet Products | Priceless Pets - Cheapest Prices and the best expiry dates in Australia! for good buying.)

    I have no association with the company - just a happy customer.

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