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Thread: How Long After Coughing Stops Can a Dog with Kennel Cough Go Outside?

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    Default How Long After Coughing Stops Can a Dog with Kennel Cough Go Outside?

    Hello all,

    So after me totally freaking out last week about cooper and his cough, he has made a quick and speedy recovery! So am just wondering when he is allowed outside again? I will check with the vet but there seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there. He hasn't coughed at all in over 24 hours now and before that only one small cough in the previous 48.

    It's been a 8 days today since the first cough started.

    Any advice is appreciated! He's coped really well with his quarantine period so it's not a big deal to keep him inside for a bit longer.


    Luci (& Cooper x)

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    Even thou he's prob not still contagious he's been sick and will need time to us with a cold... I would be keeping him warm and at home for about a week after the coughing stops... then take it slowly... the good news is he's not likely to get KC again, and if he does its usually a small dose... glad he's on the mend...

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    Usually takes about two weeks to get over kennel cough. So you've got nearly another week to go. The coughing can be brought on or made worse by exercise so if you let him run round a bit and he coughs - he's not better yet.

    I think it's great you've kept him at home with this. I hate when other people go "my dog has just a bit of a doggy cold but your dog can say hello" - Not bloody likely.

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    Thanks guys,

    Yep we've decided to give it a bit longer - got him all fired up inside with his ball and sure enough, a tiny cough cough! Nothing nasty but it's definitely still there.

    So we've decided another week and we will reassess. Those first few days were horrible so we wouldn't want any other dogs to go through that because of us.

    Hyacinth - Thanks for taking the time to reply and for reconfirming we're doing the right thing! We've had several people in real life tell us that we're overeacting and its 'just a cold'.

    Kimbastaff - thanks for your advice, and off topic, I'm so glad to read in your thread that you were reunited with your lost dog! Must have been so stressful. I lost a cat in England a couple of years ago and it was awful. Now as a proud dog owner I can't even comprehend how scary it must be.

    Once again, thank you both.

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    When my dog had kennel cough which she got from and agility trial obviosly from an asymptomatic dog, I kept her away from dogs for 6 weeks from the start of her symptoms. She had very bad kennel cough, there was nothing mild about it. Even though she had stopped coughing by the state agility trials I kept her home given that the nationals were coming up and I was afraid I might infect other dogs as they can still be infectious after the coughing stops. Kennel cough is highly contagious and not something to be casual about.

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