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    I will try and explain this and hopefully you can advise me on what to do.

    Lately Kimba has been really annoyed with her Right ear.
    Shes always scratching at it and when I was rubbing it the other day it sounded squelchy like there was water in there.I had a look and cleaned the excess brown earwax away and rubbed a bit of moisturizer on the flappy bit of her ear but couldn't see anything obvious.
    Today her skin on the flappy bit was a lot better not dry anymore but it was full of that brown ear wax stuff.
    She doesn't have fleas, I searched her ears for ticks so now I am wondering what it would be. It is still itchy for her.

    I wanted to ask here what else it could be before going to the Vet as they are so expensive every time we go.
    Is there anything I can do for her to ease it at all? I won't be able to even call the bet until Monday. TIA.

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    Sounds as though a vet visit IS in order. She probably has an infection or a foreign body and an infection. Vets have specialised equipment which allows them to see into a dogs ear canal better - the ear canal is L shaped on a dog. A grass seed could get in and perforate the ear drum and cause her to go deaf. Not a risk I would be willing to take.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharoo View Post
    ... but it was full of that brown ear wax stuff.
    that brown matter, is it grainy or really greasy? she most probably has an ear infection and you should see the vet to get her some antibiotics and as Occy said, get a closer look into the ear canal. It is also possible that she has parasites.

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    Yuck. Could be thrush or a bacterial infection. Or a foreign body like Occy said - grass seeds can be nasty! Last time we had one removed was the day after we noticed he shaking her head, and the seed was already rubbing up against her eardrum, and had scratched it. They are barbed and will move inwards and won't come out on their own... Ewww.

    Let us know how she goes!

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    I concur.. A Vet visit is in order..

    Look at it this way, the longer you leave it, the worse it may become, and the Vets bill could become more expensive as a result...

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