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Thread: 13wk Old Staffy Allergies :(

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    I know this isnt the same But-One of my guys when younger always seemed to break out in a itchy red rash, we ended up noticing it dissipated when we moved house with no carpets. But she still always itched and carried on if I had been to my sisters and we finally worked out it was the carpet powder we had both been using to help with the doggy odours. :0 her guys are also inside woofa's. She is a dog that is sensitive to heaps though, beef, lamb, corn, too many grains, some shampoos etc. She suffers from hot spots poor babe.
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    Smile Staffy Belly Rash

    We live in Cairns and our staffy has the exact same problem, we use a medicated shampoo (buy from vet or pet store) Dermcare Malaseb Medicated Shampoo - works everytime. Our vet also prescribed a cream ilium neocort (cortisine cream) we use this and it also helps, we werent keen on the injection. When we walk him we have to keep in on the cement path all the time.

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    my little man is doing a lot better these days not really sure what has changed but we use the dermcare shampoo, switched his food to a premium brand, eaglepack hollistic and installed a doggy door so he can now hang out inside while we're at work all day. He still itches now and then but the little bald patches he had gnawed off have all grown back and no rash since. maybe it was just a matter of him needing to get used to his new home..who knows!

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    Hi Tiff-689

    It's nice to read you've found a system that works for him.

    Not sure that "eaglepack hollistic" rates as "premium", but it must be better than supercoat. I think.

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