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Thread: Brown and Black Skin Splotches That Come and Go - What Are They?

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    Default Brown and Black Skin Splotches That Come and Go - What Are They?


    Our dog has developed some kind of skin condition. I first noticed it as tiny black or bown irregular splotches that resemble freckles on her stomach and inner thighs. The spots would appear and then disappear of their own accord over a few days or a week.

    I have now found a whole crop of them, to the extent that they blend together in places, concentrated around her lower back. Some have even formed little scabs.

    It's not severe and doesn't seem to be irritating her much, but what on earth is this?! They seem to be becoming more numerous and larger. I have tried patting Iodine onto the affected areas and that does seem to help, but I don't want to just cover her in Iodine without knowing more!

    (We will see the vet next week, but in the meantime your experience of similar things is much appreciated.)

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    I'm wondering if it's some sort of allergy. As the season changes a whole crop of new plants and fungi are sprouting. Stuff like wandering dew, cape weed, and others can cause a dog problems. It could also be some sort of fungal infection if she's not staying as warm and dry as she needs to be (eg cold, wet and humid weather/dog).

    She may not be itching at it, but bad infections can make her skin peel off, or hair fall out. Hopefully the vet will help. And I guess it couldn't hurt to keep up with the iodine, maybe wash out her bedding, with two tablespoons of vinegar in the rinse water, and hang in the sun until very dry.

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