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Thread: HELP American Staffy Possible Rear Leg Nerve Damage

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    hi im currently new to the forum and ive struck a problem with my lovley male 4 yr old american staffy. on friday he was out chasing his tennis ball as he does everyday and he let a minor yelp go at full flight running and broke down to the ground his back right leg became permently fixed straight out behind him causing him not to be able to walk or put any weight on his leg. with this we quickly rushed him to the vet to get him seen to, the vets were unsure of what exactly is wrong with him and still cant really put there finger on the problem, hes had xrays and has been cleared of any breakage dislocation or any muscle strains. they are thinking he may have done nerve damage his leg now is back to its normal position but is very weak his toes fold under and he drags his leg in attempts of walking. he is in no pain what so ever and is very much active and wants to carry on with normal life. since friday though his leg has became slightly stronger each day only been a 2 full days since his mishap though. they where also concerned that he may have nerve damage to his bladder and bowel as he hadnt past any fluid or poo since friday, but was eating and drinking like a frieght train, but as soon as we got him home today and on grass he let go with both a wee and poo much to our delight, as the vet said if he hadnt done this in the next two days it could pose further problems im wondering if there is a vet on this forum or someone with more expericence than me with this sort of injury with there pets. and maybe some advice on what to do next we have him with some vet prescribed pain inflammation medicene and hes been kept in his enclosure to rest. ive read up on nerve damage via the net and most of it seems to be associated with both hind legs and not just the one! im wondering if hes just pinched a nerve or actually pulled or strained his leg muslces very badly??? as we all love our pets the last thing i want to do is put my lovley pet to rest so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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    I am so sorry. How worrying. If there seems to be improvement then that is a great sign. If you are still worried a second Vet's opinion may ease your mind.

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    well hes had a second vets opinion but only at the same practice i beleive, it was very worrying because where focusing on weather he can pass urine etc on his own hes done it once which is a great sign for him and us!

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    It might be worth trying acupuncture. When one of ours did damage to his cruciate it sorted him out.

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    My Bandog has done nerve damage to one hind leg, he crashed a gate to stop someone comming in and crunched two vertebrae at the time as well, this put him down and unable to walk at all for several days, he dragged his leg for weeks I used to put a sock on his foot so he would not skin the top of his toes, he is now ok but for nerve damage to one leg, this will not improve, but acupunture did help and I take him to a dog chiropractor when I can get away to one, this helps and if I could go more often would help more.
    Certainly look for a good dog chiropractor, or someone who does acupunture in your area

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