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    Hi our 5yo labradoodle Lulu [who we've just recently adopted] seems to have a allergy prob. She has been licking her paws frequently since we spent 3 weeks at the beach .She now has an awful odour like smelly sneakers! I've bathed her weekly x 3 . and have just commenced chlorhexidene bath. I've changed her diet [fresh roo meat and dry sensitive skin & stomach formula]. What else can I do? Any suggestions appreciated.

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    Unfortunately it is a common problem with this mix. Especially the lighter colored dogs, they seem to be more prone than black/darker coated ones.

    Stop bathing so often... 3 times a week will only make the problem worse. Dogs need the oils on their skin to keep it healthy, by bathing so often you aren't giving the oils a chance to coat the skin and it makes them itch.
    Fun fact: Spot on flea treatments actually use the dogs oils to spread over its body so on dogs with dry skin /over bathed they aren't as effective.

    When you do bathe her I would recommend something like Triocil which treats fungal and bacterial infections, but I would only bathe weekly at the most for a while (about a month) and then cut back to just a bath every 6 weeks or when dirty.

    There are a lot of things that can cause allergies so without a vet doing an allergy test you will have a hard time pinpointing the problem.
    My white poodle is allergic to beef, he gets terrible staining around his eyes and mouth when he eats it and constantly chews his feet.

    How does the skin look? any bumps or redness anywhere or is it just the itch?

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    The smell might come from a bacterial or fungal infection - different treatments depending on which. Smelly sneakers smell. I imagine would be something related to tinea or jock itch (fungal). Keeping the dog damp by bathing often and not drying completely and allowing to get wet (by keeping outside in the rain) will increase this kind of infection and smell.

    The beach is usually good for a dog, though rolling in dead fishy things can be a bit yukky for owners.

    If you really want to get it sorted, it maybe an idea to go to the vet and get some cultures done to find out what it is and which treatment you need.

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