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    My boy has kennel cough!! On the weekend we had obedience training & the trainer mentioned it was going around. Last night I heard him making a strange chocking/gagging sound, got up a few times to check on him & he was fine. This morning he coughed than during the day it got worse & sounded like whooping cough at times. so took him to the vet & she said it was kennel cough, prescribed some anti inflammatory tabs & said he was already vaccinated for it.

    So, what does does vaccinating do if he caught it anyway?

    Anyone elses dog have or had kennel cough?
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    Vaccine provides reasonable protection but it does not provide complete protection. My minis had vaccine but still had the cough but my second dog did not catch the cough from my minis despite they were staying very close...I guess the vaccine worked for my s/tzu at that time. I guess it works like human flu vaccine....
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    Kennel Cough is always mutating and changing just like the flu.
    Vaccinating can sometimes help them fight it off so they don't get it as bad, but it doesn't always stop them getting it completely.

    EDIT - Yep, that's pretty much the same thing Hachna said.

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    Now a good supportive treatment for symptoms is Vit C tablets, four to six per day and Manuka Honey(three to four times per day, from most Pharmacies)...The good thing is the dogs love it.
    Wehn my pup had kennel cough this really made a difference......
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    A couple of my dogs got kennel cough from an agility trial. I just didnt allow them to exercise vigourously untill the worst of the symptoms had passed. I kept them away from other dogs and didnt take them to trials for about 6 weeks.

    3 of my dogs were up to date on vaccinations and 3 were not. The 3 up to date dogs did not catch kennel cough, 2 that were not caught it - one badly, one mildly and my older dog who is also not up to date did not catch it either. A bit of a gamble really.

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    Vacination only provides protection against one part of the group of conditions that make up the collective condition of as kennel cough.

    It is worthwhile getting the vaccination as it means your dog will not suffer ALL of the conditions that make up kennel cough, but vaccination is NOT a guarantee that your dog will not develop kennel cough.

    My Vets, who are straight shooters and talk to me as their peer, have always advised me that I should continue the vaccination for kennel cough even though I no longer vaccinate them for parvo, distemper or hepatitis. I trust them implicitly.

    Kennel cough is not normally a dangerous condition, although just as it does in humans, respiratory illnesses can develop into life threatening conditions. The advice for kennel cough in dogs is almost identical to humans - rest and fluids. If the cough is really bad, a human cough supressant will help. Antibiotics are not needed unless a secondary infection is present.
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    My poor Coopster has been diagnosed today with kennel cough! My thoughts are with you - god knows how we're going to get through the next few weeks! It's so heartbreaking to watch them cough and not be able to help them. Cooper was also vaccinated.

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