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Thread: Aussie W/nose Problem.....

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    Default Aussie W/nose Problem.....

    I'm thinking of adopting a 5 yr old Australian Shephard....great dog....only he's got some sort of allergy that he takes constant antibitotics for....his nose is all read & raw looking. His current owner had all his vet records, and biopsies, etc show no cancer or anything, just some allergy. Is this normal? Will it get worse? Wondering what I should expect. Is this a serious issue?
    Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

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    Firstly congratulations for considering adoption and welcome to the Forum !

    Are you sure it is constant 'antibiotics' and not some other medication?
    I ask because I know very few vets who would keep a dog on antibiotics as the immune system would constantly be in a lax state.

    My girl has a sinus and dry eye problem where during attacks she'll get a gunky nose , it will end up inflamed looking,cracked and worse depending on severity of bout.But she is put on antihistamine for it with a topical cream such as Bepanthine for relief . The redness etc is from her constantly linking/rubbing at it.

    There are also injections and tablets that can be given in courses for dogs that suffer severe allergy.

    Look forward to seeing you around the boards
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    Thanks. My entire life, have had rescues (they seem to find me...LOL!). Anyway, this guy is just perfect for me. He's on Tetracycline (sp?), so yes, it's an anitbiotic. And, he's been on them since being a puppy. That's where my concern lies....usually animals aren't on continuous antibiotics. I will be new to this breed, so wasn't sure what sort of an issue this is. He's perfectly healthy otherwise (have seen his vet records).

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