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    its after hrs here (9pm) but I will goto vet in the morning.

    Until then- we have a 6 yr old beagle. Being a beagle he eats ANYTHING (in the past he has eaten my husbands dentures, a whole raw pumpkin, burning candles- you get the picture).
    Today he has been shivering. This morning I thought it was just because its a bit cooler- but hes still doing it and its like a constant muscle tremor. Hes tired and in his basket the whole time (he usually follows me around). I am worried he has eaten some sort of poison or garden fertiliser. I know some neighbours have used rat bait in the past ( he wont have got rat poison, however could have eaten a poisoned rat?). I spread organic seaweed crumbled fertiliser on the garden last week- this is chemical free however would still be bad- he may have eaten this...

    any ideas? It may not be an ingested poison at all- something else? He is still drinking and I fed him a smaller version of dinner.

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    if your worried that he may have ingested poison, i would take him to a vet, i dont know where you live but there should be a vet around that has emergency facilities.
    has he had loose bowels
    check his mouth for color of his gums (pink good grey not good)
    shiverring may be caused by pain check for injury (swollen inflamed tooth ?)
    im in melbourne there is plenty of vets around, lort smith, werribee vet hospital

    your vet could have an emergency phone number or msg left with another vets number that is open late

    good luck, hope it passes and is nothing too serious

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    thought I would update.
    so- we found a chewed up medicine package for somac (its for gastric heartburn)- dont know how many he ate. Also the above fertiliser....
    A massive dose of apperients (to make him poo), little food and I gave him a berrocca and some probiotics. No walks for 3 days, lots of sleep (while twitching) and he is now back to normal.
    Its a nevereanding problem of him consuming ANYTHING at anytime- its really very difficult to deal with.

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    glad you found out what happened,

    at least you can keep things away from him

    i was a bit frantic the other day when the dogs has stolen a bag of chillies that the neighbours gave us, and chewed them all up (about 8) and ate a few.

    figure if they would eat that they would eat anything

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    Even water is a chemical.

    Not sure why you thing a seaweed based chemical would be harmless.

    Eating one poisoned rat might make the dog feel off but shouldn't kill him. Eating three of them might kill a dog, especially if the poison was Talon.

    maybe your beagle will need to be in a run, or wear a muzzle when you're not able to supervise?

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