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    my 12 year old red kelpie went in for a perenal hernia op about 5 months ago, and ever since has become incontinent, he drips urine everywhere and wakes up in the morning in a puddle.
    I have tried a couple of medications, but to no avail, he is now booked in for an ultra sound to check out his prostate. Has this, or similar happened to anyone else.

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    I have a female with urinary incontinence but I have never had a male with the problem.

    I hate to say it but it was most likely caused by the operation.
    Any time you go messing around with the muscles and nerves near the urinary system it can result in incontinence. That is the main reason females show signs of incontinence after spaying.

    If you have tried medication to no avail you may want to consider using belly bands on him so a)Your home doesn't smell and b) he feels more comfortable being clean and dry.

    Belly bands are available online but they are easy to make yourself, all you need is something that fits around the waist and use a womens sanitary pad underneath so it sits over the end of the penis.

    I know a lot of show people who use this for entire males who are dirty in the house and for my own girl I use actuall nappies with a tail hole cut in them.

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    This problem is likely related to the prostate. A critical piece of info is desexing status as this makes prostate problems and perineal hernias more common.
    If its not the prostate it could be a weak bladder and sometimes hormonal supplementation can assist these.
    Obviously this requires a thorough vet workup and its sounds like you are on track with that.

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